Researcher biography

Assoc Prof Darryl Eyles is the head of the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research Developmental Neurobiology laboratory. Darryl's research focuses exclusively on how known risk-factors for schizophrenia change the way the brain develops. His group have established the biological plausibility of various epidemiological risk factors for this disease. Much of the research focuses on the effects of developmental vitamin D, (DVD), deficiency on brain development. He also is interested in the effects Advanced Paternal Age and how this may relate to both autism and schizophrenia. Darryl has also established models of impaired dopaminergic development in the fly and zebra fish brains in order to investigate how the two major theories of schizophrenia namely the "Dopamine Hypothesis" and the "Neurodevelopmental Hypothesis" of schizophrenia can be synthesised.